I want to kiss you but I also want to light you on fire at the same time

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ok guys i need serious advice…

 Right. So there is this guy who I have slept with twice, a fair while ago, though I really don’t know him well..

who is… 

creeping me out.

He calls me like twice a day, sometimes more, to chat about nothing. He literally says nothing more than, “sup” and “not much” and “mmm.”  and this can go on for like up to half an hour at a time, I tried to talk to him and be like friendly and shit but its gotten to the point where its just so annoying and I usually just say “hey I gotta go sorry.” and just bail. And then he’ll call me again a few hours later. A lot of the time I’ll just ignore his calls, but he’ll just keep texting me saying to call him. I’ve told him to stop, and he did for a few days and then started doing it again. 

He texts me like .. all the time.. about all his problems… And if I try and talk to him about LITERALLY ANYTHING he CONSTANTLY tries to one up me which is frustrating as FUCK… I’m talking, “Oh, I only got like a few hours of sleep, I’m really tired,” “Yeah, well, I had to wake up at six so don’t complain.” 
Even like, “I’m really drunk,” “YEAH WELL, I’ve been at the pub since 5 so I’m way drunker than you.” Fuckin petty bullshit which really makes me not want to talk to him at all. ANYWAY.

If I don’t hang out with him when he wants to he either gets all suicidal - which of course ends up with me talking him down for a long time every time (including on my birthday, when I stayed on the phone with him for FOUR HOURS trying to get him to not kill himself after I wanted to hang out with all my friends instead of going back to his house) - or he’ll tell me he’s “leaving the state” or he’ll say shit like, “you owe me.” or “if you don’t answer your phone there will be dire consequences.” I’ve told him in response to both of those quotes that thats really NOT COOL, but it goes on. 

Occasionally he makes me feel so guilty that I end up hanging out with him, which ALWAYS ends up with him having some sort of mental breakdown after I leave for no reason… 

I’m the ONLY person he talks to about all his shit, he takes legit EVERYTHING out on me… and i CANNOT HANDLE IT. I don’t even know him???????  And I’ve told him all of this on multiple occasions.

So, a) Am I in the wrong here? and b) what the fuck do I do to make him leave me alone without him somehow ending up killing himself or something else fucked up??  

like its seriously creeping me out, I barely know this guy and all my friends know whats going on but no one knows what to do/sees this as an issue…. ?

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Remember to always be yourself. Unless you suck. Joss Whedon (via feellng)
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*unbaes you*

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