did anyone ever tell the Backstreet Boys why

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Keep busy. I know with me I always end up looking at their social media pages just to see what they are up to. It can become an unhealthy habit so my advice is simple. Keep busy. Go out, focus on your blog or other interests, find people to talk to. Hope you're ok ;)

Thank you. It’s kind of hard because I still want to be friends with him but everytime I hear his voice or see his face I get all full of feelings again and it’s so stupid. Everything reminds me of him. I’m gonna try and take a step back and not talk to him so much if I can at least for a little while.. And do what you said and try not to crumble into tiny pieces.

i will never get over him 

not entirely

it hurts it hurts it hurts


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The only GIF that the internet really needs.

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'as much as the moon needs the sun to exist, they cant be together.'

how do you stop having feeelings for someone i need to detach myself before i get hurt again and im ok with this really nothings gonna happen so how do i stop feeling

seriously someone please help me.


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"whats for dinner mom?"
“A vase of spaghetti and milk in a floral glass”
Chet Faker Talk Is Cheap
Chet Faker
Talk Is Cheap


Chet Faker | Talk is Cheap

this fucking song